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AskTheStars is dedicated to providing you the highest quality Astrological information and readings based on your individual chart. All of the information presented at AskTheStars is written by a master Astrologer with over 35 years of professional experience in the reading and delineation of horoscopes.

Please note that this site is open for free use now because it is still under development. Please use our site! To join, just enter your email and a password at the log on screen for our site. When the site is finished there will be a very small subscription fee for membership. For this small fee members will enjoy complete access to all features at AskTheStars.

The following is a list of features for AskTheStars. Some of these have not yet been implemented. Other features will be added over time.
Daily Readings of events based on your individual natal chart
Readings of general life period based on your individual natal chart
Answers to specific questions such as "Is this a good time to change careers?", and many others, all based on your individual natal chart
Relationship analysis between two selected charts
Up to 24 saved charts for quick retrieval
Daily Report of events sent to you by email!

Fees For AskTheStars
AskTheStars does not currently charage a subscription fee. This is because the site is not complete, and because we want you to come in and look around to see all the wonderful features that AskTheStars has to offer. We will eventually be requiring a small subscription for membership, but for now please enjoy our site. All members of AskTheStars will enjoy complete access to all features and benefits for this subscription membership.