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What Makes AskTheStars Special

There are many features which make AskTheStars unique among astrological Internet sites.  Below is a list of some of the features which make AskTheStars the premiere site for astrological information for you.
All of the text which appears on AskTheStars is written by a professional astrologer.   We use computers to calculate your chart and to decide what text to present for your readings, but the text itself is hand written by an astrologer with over 35 years of professional experience in the art of Astological delineation.   Most sites use the computer to put together parts of sentences for their readings which give the reading a robotic and cold feel, but not at AskTheStars.  All of the readings which you see at AskTheStars are written by an Astrologer, and the information you see is based on your individual chart..
We do not charge different rates for different services like some sites.   All services are available to all members at all times.   For example, most sites which offer relationship analysis readings expect up to $25 for a paper report which they send you.   If you want a second report it's another $25, and so on, but at AskTheStars you can run any number of relationship readings at any time and the cost for this service is included in the very modest subscription fee.   All services are available to all members at all times at AskTheStars.
AskTheStars allows you to save up to 25 charts.    Most sites offer what we feel is an inadequate number of saved charts, but at AskTheStars you can save the charts of all of your friends and family members so that you can easily look at their readings and reports.
AskTheStars is question based.   It has been our observation in so many years of giving readings that people want answers to specific questions, and so we have built AskTheStars to answer what we feel are the most common questions that people ask.   When you go to the "Ask Questions" page for your account you will see a list of questions such as "I just broke up with someone - will we get back together?" and "I have a court date coming up - how does that look for me?.    Most sites provide relationship reports and current transit reports (what's happening now) but only AskTheStars provides answers to specific questions, and that makes us very special and completely unique in the astological Internet site community.
AskTheStars is reasonably priced!   All services are available to all subscribers at all time for an extremely low subscription fee.   How can we provide our services at such a low cost? The answer is simple.    We have a small dedicated staff, we are not greedy, and we are based on volume.
We hope you enjoy using AskTheStars.   We are dedicated to providing the highest possible quality Astrological service to you.   We welcome your feedback which you can send to us by clicking here.
Thank you for coming to AskTheStars, your premier site for astrological readings based on your individual chart.