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AskTheStars is your premiere site for astrological readings based on your chart.   No other site on the internet gives you what AskTheStars does! All text is written by a professional Astrologer and matched to your individual chart!   read more...

"AskTheStars is great! It's just like the horoscopes in the newspaper, only a million times better!"  read more...
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Look at all the features AskTheStars has to offer!
Daily readings for love, career, money, and more...
Relationship and compatibiliy analysis for two charts
Readings based on your individual chart
Ability to save up to 24 charts to your account!
Readings for not only today, but any date you choose!
"Big Picture" readings about major trends in your life
Here are just some of the readings you can get at AskTheStars
The "What's My Day Going To Be Like" reading gives you a detailed breakdown of what to expect for today, and you can use a calendar to look forward or back to get a reading for any date. Is this a good time to ask your boss for a raise? What's the best date to host that party? Find out the answers to these questions and more with your daily reading. See information about love, money, career and work, and know before it happens what to expect!
Your "Big Picture" reading shows the major trends in place for you in this period. These are life changing events showing career changes, major shifts in relationships, and much more!
"Natal Reading" explains the major personality traits for your Sun sign, Moon and Rising sign, planetary placements.
Your "Relationship Analysis" reading gives a detailed breakdown of how two people interact based on their natal charts. Is this person right for you? What do you share together that will make this relationship last in the long run? You need to have a compatibility analysis done for anyone you meet that you might think is a potential match for you, and you get it instantly on-line at AskTheStars.
All the information you see in these reports is entered by a professional Astologer with over 35 years of professional experience. You get all this and more by simply creating an account at AskTheStars!
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